Bad Soden, Germany,

The World of Gases: Messer opens its doors for 70 children as part of the Holiday Games

The Bad Soden-based family-owned company Messer enabled some 70 children aged from ten to twelve to immerge into the exciting World of Gases in the course of the Holiday Games on Monday, 25 July 2016.

The largest privately managed industrial gases specialist, Messer, divided the young visitors into small groups and took them on a guided tour through the company’s permanent exhibition, which offers many opportunities for discovery and fascination. The centrepiece of the exhibition is a 60-years-old restored air separation unit whose inside can be viewed so that the process of separating air into its principal components – nitrogen and oxygen – can be understood better. Ground-up rubber and a doll’s refrigerator demonstrate the children even more that technical gases are required for environmental protection, for example to recycle resources. Xenon lamps, helium balloons and a welded bicycle frame then make it clear that the World of Gases may be invisible, but that makes it no less exciting. The lively kids from Bad Soden, each well protected by a Messer cap, had to test their knowledge in a short rally before they were able to relax over hot dogs and ice cream.