Bad Soden, Germany,

Orderliness, cleanliness and hygiene: Messer Safety Day 2016

Industrial gases specialist informed its employees about the dangers of disorder and lack of hygiene at the annual Safety Day

On 9 September 2016 the industrial gases specialist Messer held its annual Safety Day at all its sites across the globe. This year the focus was on the topics of orderliness and cleanliness at the workplace and hygiene in the companies.

In 2015, 49 per cent of the accidents at work recorded in the entire Messer Group were due to human error: 19 per cent of the accidents consisted of falls caused by tripping or slipping. “The hazards and risks which can result from untidy or dirty working areas are frequently underestimated.We also increase our employees’ awareness of seemingly self-evident topics in order to protect the health of every one of them and at the same time to further enhance our safety at work,” explains Dr. Hans-Gerd Wienands, CFO at Messer.

In addition, Messer would also like to constantly enhance its customers’ safety. With the series of brochures “Pocket Safety Guide”, the industrial gases specialist conveys not only basic knowledge, such as an overview of the danger symbols on the shoulders of cylinders and what needs to be borne in mind when ordering and receiving cylinder gases, but also indispensable know-how for handling gases safely and without any risk.

The company was holding its annual international Safety Day for the third time this year.