Bad Soden, Germany,

Messer supports respiratory medicine

Certified full-service provider for artificial respiration

Messer will be showcasing its extensive artificial respiration portfolio at this year’s Annual Congress of the European Respiratory Society (ERS) in Barcelona. As a certified full-service provider for this type of care, the company offers a comprehensive range of gases for use in clinics and other areas of health care under the Messer Medical brand. Gases are playing an increasingly important role in medicine. Messer Medical has many years of experience and proven expertise in this market segment. The ERS Congress will be held in the Catalan capital from 18 to 22 September.

Complete gas portfolio from a single source

Messer supplies synthetic air, pure oxygen and tailor-made oxygen-containing gas mixtures for artificial respiration. They have been used in numerous clinics worldwide for many years, including in respiratory medicine, anaesthetics and intensive care. Nitrous oxide (laughing gas), which is administered with oxygen as a carrier gas, is available for use as an anaesthetic. In addition to its portfolio of gases, Messer also offers its customers a comprehensive range of technical equipment to facilitate the use of these gases in both inpatient and outpatient care.In clinics which require a central oxygen supply, Messer can install the necessary facilities directly on-site. The gas is supplied in liquid form and stored in large vacuum-insulated tanks. When it is needed, the gas is vaporised and passed to the outlet points, from where it is supplied to patients via high-precision connecting devices. Automated remote monitoring of the tanks ensures continuity and reliability of supply.Messer also offers smaller system units for outpatient use as well as emergency care and resuscitation. Examples of this include the Oxystem, an oxygen cylinder that is supplied as a unit with an integrated pressure and control regulator and is available in different sizes. This ensures safe and reliable oxygen dosing for customers in just a few simple steps.

Service, know-how and intensive exchange

Besides respiratory gases, the Medical division’s product portfolio also encompasses tracer gases, gases used as cooling and sterilising agents, gases for laser therapy and cryotherapy as well as equipment and know-how for cryogenic applications and freezing systems. Of course all the medical gases meet the European Pharmacopoeia specifications and the GMP guidelines. Messer is a one-stop shop offering a full service package for the supply of medical gases, from consultation and planning through to installation and maintenance.This integrated supply approach is constantly being optimised in collaboration with experts from the fields of medical and medical technology research and practice. Messer uses events such as the ERS Annual Congress to maintain a dialogue with the medical experts. This allows Messer to expand its know-how, develop its portfolio further and deliver even better patient care. Demographic trends are leading to an increase in age-related illnesses, and the use of medical gases is becoming increasingly important in treating these conditions. Lung diseases caused by environmental factors or the long-term consequences of smoking, as well as the constantly growing number of operations being performed under anaesthetic ensure that demand is increasing – and Messer is meeting this demand with its wide-ranging expertise and extensive capacities.