Bad Soden, Germany,

Messer shows its practical side in Essen

At the Schweissen & Schneiden 2009 trade fair in Essen, the industrial gases specialist Messer wants to make a big impact on visitors through demonstrations of gases and their applications.

In Hall 6, at Stand 208, Messer In¬dustriegase, Messer Cutting & Welding, Castolin Eutectic and MesserSoft – all affiliated companies – are jointly exhibiting their comprehensive range of cutting and welding products on 850 square metres of floor space. Messer Industriegase is presenting its customer-oriented brand concept for welding and laser gases. “Since our worldwide uniform implementation of the brand names Ferromix, Inoxmix, Alumix and MEGALAS five years ago, we can look back on a very good customer response. Our customers value our clear and easily comprehensible product descriptions,” explains stand manager Dr. Bernd Hildebrandt. Newly developed gas mixtures consisting of the right combination of three components are designed to make welding applications more cost-effective by reducing reworking, and to improve the quality of laser welding by increasing process reliability and reducing the risk of porosity. Practical demonstrations are intended to highlight the benefits to customers even more vividly. Display cabinets with sample components provide a good starting point for conversations and discussions with customers and potential customers.

Welding demonstrations will alternately showcase MAG welding of plain steels and TIG welding of high-alloy steels – proportionately the largest application groups – with typical product examples from the Ferromix range. MAG welding will focus on welding capacity as well as the weld quality that can be achieved by reducing weld spatter. For TIG welding, a new shielding gas mixture – Inoxmix He3 H1 – will be presented. Greatly reduced reworking, increased welding capacity and reliable working of the joint edges are designed to be the characteristic features of this product application.

Messer Industriegase is dedicating a separate demonstration of a modern welding laser to the rapidly growing laser welding market niche. Messer sells a range of gas mixtures, specially developed for laser material processing, under the MEGALAS brand name. At this year’s Schweissen & Schneiden trade fair, Messer Industriegase is also focusing on gas supply including the necessary fittings, pipes and hoses as well as the optimal mode of supply for the required product. This year’s Messer exhibition is rounded off by concrete solution proposals and demonstration objects from the 300-bar sphere for shielding gases, tank supply using Fewis, Messer’s own remote monitoring system, and laser gas supply.