Bad Soden, Germany,

Messer is investing in a modern air separation unit in Slovenia

The largest privately managed industrial gases specialist Messer is investing some 15 million euros in a modern air separation unit in Škofja Loka, Slovenia, which will also make a contribution to protecting the environment. Ground on site is to be broken at the start of 2016 and it is scheduled that the plant will be ready within one year. When the modern production plant for air gases – nitrogen, oxygen and argon – is fully commissioned at the Trata industrial estate, up to 20 new jobs will be created.

“Within 12 months, we intend to build a modern air separation unit. During this construction period, we will be creating large numbers of jobs in this area. Our target is to use the new plant to strengthen our competitiveness and be ready for future developments in the country,” said Danilo Luka─Ź, Managing Director of Messer in Slovenia.

Shaping the future in Škofja Loka
The investment in the site is of great importance. Messer is hoping to strengthen and develop their cooperation with the family-run company of Knauf. The company needs oxygen in order to modernise its technology for the manufacture of mineral wool. This will not only improve the quality of their products, but will also protect the environment, since not only will emissions of sulphur and carbon dioxide will be reduced, but smaller quantities of filter dust and waste will be generated.

Messer will be supplying the oxygen directly to Knauf. The modern plant will be built in close proximity to the Knauf area on a site covering about one hectare. One benefit of this direct oxygen supply is that neither transport vehicles nor a complex pipeline system will need to be used.

“Our plant for air separation and gas obtaining will strengthen our successful work with the family concern Knauf. It will guarantee supply from the immediate vicinity and ensure rapid delivery. We are happy to be creating a secure basis for our future in Slovenia with this modern investment,” explained Stefan Messer, owner and CEO of Messer Group GmbH.

The air separation unit in Škofja Loka will be used for the manufacture of air gases – oxygen, nitrogen and argon. Among other things these gases are used in medicine, pharmacy, welding technology, the food industry, and also in the manufacture of glass and steel. Use of gases in individual processes considerably helps in reducing damage to the environment and also improves profitability. That is why gases are of such great importance to a wide variety of companies.