Bad Soden, Germany,

Messer invests in Denmark

Messer is the first industrial gas specialist to offer the new 300-bar technology in Denmark.

On January 23, the Messer Group opened a new plant for filling industrial gases in gas cylinders in the university town of Kolding, Denmark. The investment of around two million euros makes Messer the leading provider of 300-bar gas cylinders on the Danish market. 300-bar technology offers above all economic benefits for the consumer, because it offers increased content and consequently longer application times for the same size of gas cylinder. At the same time Messer is introducing a new valve which makes gas extraction safe and simple.

Support for research in the food sector

Stefan Messer, CEO and owner of the Messer Group, presented a donation of 4000 euros to the mayor of Kolding, Per Bødker Andersen. “Denmark’s economy is flexible and competitive, and the country has the highest level of employment in the European Union,” stressed Stefan Messer. The food industry employs nearly 25,000 people in and around Kolding. With its donation, the Messer Group is promoting the development of the “House of Innovation – Food Technology”, which will be dedicated to supporting companies that are involved in the food industry.