Krefeld, Germany,

Icy-cold production advantages of using CO2 snow

Flex Hungary is a company that manufactures numerous automotive and electronic components. They are produced on fully automated production lines and the plastic parts of the components need to be cleaned prior to the coating process. Flex Hungary performs this task with the quattroClean snow cleaning technology, for which Messer in Hungary supplies liquid CO2 as the cleaning agent. Together with the partner acp systems, Messer has also supplied the necessary application technology for gas pressure and temperature control. The advantage of the quattroClean snow cleaning technology is that a fine CO2 snow jet envolves a combination of thermal, mechanical, sublimation and solvent effects after impacting the surface to be cleaned. Thanks to these four effective cleaning mechanisms, the system reliably and reproducibly removes particulate and filmic contamination from the entire surface or, if required, only from a specific area. The cleaning process is so gentle on materials that it can even be used to clean delicate and finely-structured surfaces. In this way, Flex Hungary ensures greater efficiency and consistently high product quality, along with reduced amounts of waste.