Bad Soden, Germany,

Flexible instead of expensive: new gas supply

Developed by industrial gases specialist Messer, the Duplex bundle enables gas supply at pressures of both 200 and 300 bar without the need for costly equipment modifications.

Operations with a high demand for technical gases in cylinders are usually supplied with 200-bar compressed gas cylinder bundles. In recent years, however, 300-bar bundles have also gradually conquered the market, because they have 50 per cent more capacity than 200-bar bundles. But to draw gas from these bundles many production plants connect gas consumption systems which are designed only for the 200-bar technology, so with the 300-bar supply they would have to be technically modified. For this case, Messer, the largest management-owned industrial gases specialist, has developed a new type of bundle: filled with 300 bar filling pressure, the Duplex bundle has two connections. One of them is equipped with a pressure reducer integrated within the bundle, which reduces the extraction pressure to below 200 bar. This makes it possible to consume gas at 200 or 300 bar without any modification of the technical installations – and without the costs associated with such modifications. A further advantage: the new Duplex bundle is able to cover the full demand of major consumers which have multiple consumption points at 200 and 300 bar within their operation. That optimises in-house materials management, because now only one type of bundle with a larger capacity needs to be stocked.

Duplex bundles from Messer are fitted with high quality line pressure regulators from Spectron. These pressure regulators ensure high control accuracy with the same maximum delivery volume as a conventional bundle. Duplex bundles are available for all standard types of gas, such as argon, oxygen, nitrogen and argon mixtures. Over the course of the coming months, Messer will gradually introduce the new type of bundle in specific countries and for specific products.