Bad Soden, Germany,

Gas Innovations from Messer at the "Schweißen & Schneiden 2023" Trade Fair

Boosting Efficiency and Sustainability

Industrial gas specialist Messer presents the latest innovations plus tried-and-tested solutions for optimizing processes at the leading trade fair for joining, cutting, and surfacing technologies from September 11 to 15, 2023, in Essen.  New gas mixtures and gas technologies are intended to contribute to greater efficiency, increased safety, and an improved environmental footprint. Gas mixtures with a low oxygen content result in less welding fumes being produced during use and thus improve occupational health.

HyCut – Oxy-fuel gas with zero CO2 emissions
Messer is the first gas supplier to introduce hydrogen as a carbon-neutral oxy-fuel gas for autogenous applications. The use of HyCut is the result of a joint development effort by the industrial gas specialists Messer Group and its sister company Messer Cutting Systems.

HyCut gases not only generate zero CO2, but also significantly reduce the emission of nitrogen oxides and particulates as well as lowering noise levels. HyCut thus makes a significant contribution to improving health at the workplace compared to traditional oxy-fuel systems.

Hydrogen requires less oxygen to burn fully than traditional oxy-fuel gases. This, together with its high performance, can help reduce costs. Special burners and nozzles have been developed in order to use HyCut optimally. The gas can be purchased in the form of individual cylinders, bundles or by trailer. In addition to cutting, it is also highly suitable for heating and straightening, soldering, and flame spraying.

NitroCut X2 increases laser cutting efficiency
High-efficiency fiber lasers are around 3 times more efficient than CO2 lasers. The high power of those currently on the market of 20 to 30 kW allows for a move away from using pure oxygen when laser cutting non-alloyed steels to a mixture of nitrogen with a very low oxygen content of just two percent, for example. This not only makes slightly higher cutting speeds possible, but most importantly, it makes burrs easier to remove.  This translates to lower energy consumption and less reworking.

Inline – with the Best Welding Results
The modern shielding gases from the Inline product family (Aluline, Ferroline, Inoxline) offer both high efficiency and increased workplace safety. The Ferroline C6 X1 shielding gas for non-alloyed steels, in particular, makes a significant contribution to reducing welding fume emissions. In addition to this, Inline gases offer top performance when it comes to weldability, spatter and heat tint reduction, arc stability, and in the case of Aluline, reducing helium consumption.

Ferroline C6X1 – Top Results with Reduced Welding Fumes
In order to meet the latest clean air requirements, such as those outlined in TRGS 528, it is advisable to use shielding gases that contribute to reducing welding fumes and thus increase occupational health during use.  With Ferroline C8, ISO 14175 - M20-ArC-8, for non-alloyed steels, Messer has been offering a shielding gas with reduced  CO2 content for a long time.

Ferroline C6 X1 shielding gas, ISO 14175 - M24-ArCO-6/1 is even more effective.  This shielding gas not only features reduced CO2 content, but the addition of a small amount of oxygen. This reduces welding fumes still further.

MegaPack D – Digital Communication for Automatic Replenishment
As the first major industrial gas company, Messer has expanded its service offering for customers with a digital cylinder bundle, thus ensuring even greater supply security:  The new MegaPack D series enables gas bundles to be integrated into 4th Industrial Revolution applications. Messer's customers benefit from the electronic monitoring of their gas consumption, allowing them to more effectively keep track of their needs and plan ahead, including when it comes to budgeting.  This eliminates the need to manually monitor the level of the bundles. A pressure transmitter measures the fill level, and a data transfer module reports it to the relevant entity. Depending on the type of service contract, follow-up actions are triggered – up to and including fully automatic replenishment by Messer. MegaPack D communicates independent of the customer's infrastructure, such as Wi-Fi or gateways, and encompasses all bundles located at the customer's site, whether they are in use or not.

Gas Supply
Messer offers container sizes and supply models tailored to individual needs.  From individual cylinders to stationary tanks, pipelines, and on-site air separation units for large-scale demand, customers can choose the gas supply solution that best meets their requirements.  In addition, Messer can provide plants for generating hydrogen and syngas too.  Messer is presenting a wide range of hardware components related to this topic at the trade fair, as well as a detailed overview of the various supply models.