Bad Soden, Germany,

Well-packaged with Gourmet gases in the east and west

The Swiss company Josef Müller Gemüse AG relies on know-how from Messer to process freshly cut salads ready for consumption. Since January of this year, Messer has provided the necessary gases and been responsible for the entire gas supply system – including gas mixers – required during production. In its present state of expansion, the enterprise incorporates seven production lines, three of which employ gas mixtures during packaging of salads. While nitrogen is produced directly on location by means of a generator, CO2 is supplied via a 10,000 litre tank, and oxygen via cylinder bundles. Because gases are not yet widely used by the foodstuffs industries of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Messer participated in a symposium for bakers held there in the autumn of 2008 in order to present the food-related applications of gases. On this occasion, the companies Sprinden and Klas also decided to employ the advantages of gases in packaging their products. These companies now use Gourmet N70 and N90 comprising mixtures of N2 and CO2 for packaging sandwiches and pastries.