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The Messer Group awarded for safety

The Messer Group accepts 22 awards for exemplary work safety

The safe handling of gases is a matter of the highest priority at Messer. Owner Stefan Messer accepted no less than 22 awards for exemplary work safety from the European industrial gas association EIGA.

With only 1.7 accidents per one million work-hours, the Messer Group is among the industrial gas enterprises with the lowest incidence of accidents, coming in far below the EIGA average of 3.5. CEO and owner Stefan Messer, who received 22 “EIGA Safety Awards” from President Aldo Belloni at this year’s meeting in Cannes, France, sees this as the justification for his efforts in the areas of work safety and accident prevention. “Not only do our employees profit from our safe gas handling measures, but our customers and partners benefit as well,“ says Messer. “I am convinced that safety and environmental protection will again be in the spotlight of industrial activities in the coming years.“

The Italian Messer subsidiary Messer Italia, which is based in Turin, was also presented with the “Peter J. Jackson Safety Award”, which has been awarded since 1992 to the EIGA member company showing the greatest reduction in work accidents over a period of five years.

The EIGA plays an active role in the areas of work and industrial safety within Europe and represents large parts of the industry for medical gas, as well as for gases used in foodstuffs production, processing and preservation.