Krefeld, Germany,

Repairing aluminum wheel rims with Aluline

Swiss Reparaturzentrum 24 in Birmensdorf specializes in the repair of high-quality aluminum wheel rims. Because aluminum is a relatively soft metal, aluminum rims are susceptible to severe mechanical impacts, such as accidental curb contact. Technician Herbert Schön worked on specific laser performance improvements and, in collaboration with Messer, developed an optimized process: After the rim has been thoroughly cleaned, laser metal deposition is used to eliminate the damage. The process uses Messer’s Aluline He15 N as a shielding gas. The aluminum alloy must not be overheated during this welding procedure. Following metal deposition, the rim is CNC machined and restored to its original dimensions. In the final step, the rim gets a clear coat powder coating. “After that,” Herbert Schön insists, “the rim is just like new again.” The average cost of the repair, however, is about 50 to 70 percent less than the price of a new wheel rim.