Krefeld, Germany,

Nitrogen protects rose cake’s floral accents

The Happymiss bakery chain uses liquid nitrogen from Messer to freeze its rose cakes. The dessert is a specialty of Yunnan province and contains a filling made of edible rose petals. They originate from a local rose variety that is specially cultivated for this purpose. The pastry’s fans extol its delicate sweetness and its floral notes, and it’s also purportedly good for the complexion. The rose cake is also becoming more and more popular outside of Yunnan and is even exported to South Korea and southeast Asia. Happymiss freezes the filled dough with liquid nitrogen and delivers it frozen. The cake is then baked fresh in the stores. The extremely cold gas provides rapid cooling while allowing only very small ice crystals to form, thereby enabling the pastry to retain its flavor and texture. Moreover, the process raises production efficiency and lowers costs.