Bad Soden, Germany,

Messer relies on UV-C disinfection of medical gas cylinders

Industrial gases specialist assists with development of a UV-C disinfection system and uses it to disinfect pressure vessels itself

The global coronavirus pandemic has underscored the importance of regular disinfection and compliance with hygiene measures. Messer, largest family-run industrial gases specialist worldwide, has teamed up with Heraeus Noblelight to develop a mobile UV-C disinfection system for the disinfection of surfaces and shapes of all types. To make it as flexible as possible to use, the system is designed as a hand-held device. The system, from Heraeus’ Soluva range of products, can be used to sterilize not only production machinery and vehicles but also public buildings and office spaces, as well as a wide variety of textiles, vehicle interiors and control panels and numerous other surfaces as well.

All throughout Europe, Messer itself relies on the mobile UV-C disinfection system to disinfect its gas cylinders for medical oxygen when hospitals or patients return them for refilling. Before this, the industrial gases specialist used to use a chemical process to disinfect the pressure vessels. But disinfecting with UV-C light offers many advantages over the chemical variation. The considerable reduction in the work involved; the minimization of risks to operators, consumers and the environment; and the lower risk of material damage to pressure vessels and their accessories are just three such benefits.

The cylinders and accessories are stored in a designated area until they will be disinfected. The disinfection itself is also performed in a separate area, working at a safe distance.

UV-C light has long been used to provide dry, highly efficient and chemical-free disinfection of surfaces, air and water.