Bad Soden, Germany,

Messer receives award for equal opportunities

Messer, the largest family-run industrial gases specialist worldwide, has received the TOTAL E-QUALITY award for equal opportunities and the diversity award for its future-oriented and sustainable HR policy. Apart from Messer, a total of 60 organisations were presented with a TOTAL E-QUALITY award. Only four of them received the add-on award for diversity.

“Messer ensures a level playing field for professional success and fosters the careers of women. The sum of individuality that is so valued manifests itself in greater employee satisfaction, in their commitment as competent, dedicated specialists and, ultimately, in the organisation’s success. This award enhances the company’s attractiveness as an employer, both internally and externally,” says Eva Maria Roer, Chairwoman of TOTAL E-QUALITY Deutschland e.V.

The TOTAL E-QUALITY award is presented annually. The award has a validity of three years and is the outcome of an extensive application process.

“At Messer, diversity and equal opportunities are anchored in our mission statement, and the owner family is also committed to this,” says Marcel Messer, shareholder and adviser to the Management of Messer Group GmbH: “As a member of the fourth generation, I am committed in particular to open-mindedness, diversity, tolerance and respect for cultural differences – without limitation or exception. Intolerance, racism or sexism are completely at odds with the values of our family and our family business. Our culture offers space for everyone – regardless of nationality, religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation – to develop on a free and equal basis. Diversity enriches us.”