Bad Soden, Germany,

Messer is a champion brand

On 24 May 2012 the industrial gas specialist Messer was awarded the “Hidden Champion 2012” prize for small to medium-sized companies in the category "Brand". This prize is presented by the news channel n-tv.

The n-tv award "Hidden Champion 2012” was presented at an award ceremony in Frankfurt. Messer, the largest privately-managed industrial gas specialist in the world, was placed third in the “Brand” category. “Messer is a traditional brand which not only constitutes a significant part of the company value, but above all identifies the corporate culture and the products. A brand must be as lively as the company itself,” said Stefan Messer, owner and Chief Executive Officer of the Messer Group.

In his speech, Christoph Lammersdorf, Chief Executive Officer of Börse Stuttgart Holding, above all praised how the brand had been maintained in Germany. After the company was returned to private ownership, Messer was not permitted to use the brand in Germany in the four years before the company successfully returned to the German market in 2008.

Messer is an international family-owned company with over 5,200 employees worldwide. It was founded in Frankfurt in 1889 and is today managed by Stefan Messer from its headquarters in Bad Soden am Taunus. Since the start of 2012 Messer has emphasised its business purpose and corporate culture with the corporate claim “Messer – Gases for Life.”

“Gases for Life” is intended demonstrate the wide range of products and the responsible entrepreneurial activity of the family-owned company. Gases are as important as water or electricity in many production processes, and many everyday products are inconceivable without them. Carbon dioxide provides the sparkle in soft drinks, and oxygen is used in combustion processes, for example to manufacture glass or steel. Nitrogen is used, among other things, as a protective gas to prevent unwanted oxidation when producing foodstuffs – for instance to keep potato crisps crispy in the bag.