Bad Soden, Germany,

Messer honored again for its equal opportunity personnel policies and its diversity

This year industrial gases specialist Messer will receive the Total E-Quality Award and the Special Citation for Diversity for the second time. 

  • Equal opportunity is organizationally and structurally anchored 
  • Innovative actions in the corporate culture field 
  • Equal opportunity personnel policies with dialog offerings 
  • Obligatory non-discriminatory conduct 

For Messer, the world’s largest family-run business specializing in industrial, medical and specialty gases, diversity is the foundation for innovation and sustainable business success. The corporate culture is based on mutual trust and respect. For its continued development in the area of personnel policy and for its organizational and structural commitment to equal opportunity and diversity, Messer is being honored yet again: The Total E-Quality Award and the Special Citation for Diversity, which are valid for three years, will be presented by Total E-Quality Deutschland e.V. in October. 

Clearly visible commitment to equal opportunity 
In justifying its decision, the jury took note of Messer’s Diversity Report, which has been published annually since 2020, and of the company’s newly formulated objective to establish mixed-gender management teams as outlined in the Sustainability Report 2021. Another topic of special interest recognized by the jury is an ongoing management training program designed to eliminate unconscious bias, also known as implicit stereotypes. “In the corporate culture field of action, innovative programs such as the establishment of the ‘Living Respect’ diversity brand or the introduction of an employee app are commendable.” In the area of equal opportunity personnel policy, Messer is very well-positioned: “Education, advanced training and know-how transfer constitute not only focal topics but also challenges,” according to the justification. In that context, it also mentions the dialog offerings for internal knowledge sharing, such as the newly established Women’s Network and a discussion forum with the Management Board of Messer. 

“Outstanding results in all fields of action” 
In the “Work-life balance” field of action, Total E-Quality Deutschland e.V. honors activities in the area of work organization, family security and financial benefits. The association also specifically mentions the “promotion of respectful treatment” as well as “obligatory non-discriminatory conduct.” Overall, the award attests to Messer’s “outstanding results in all fields of action”.