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Messer Group lures investors to southern China

A forum supported by the industrial gas specialist Messer presents investment opportunities in the Chinese city of Foshan. Messer is considered a pioneer in investments throughout the country.

Nestled in the heart of the Pearl River delta, the southern Chinese city of Foshan is located in one of the country’s most dynamic regions. In addition to companies from the textile, metal working, plastics and engineering industries, Foshan is primarily home to production centers for electronic products.

Investment forum for European companies

An investment forum held in the Höchst industrial park on September 8 gave entrepreneurs the chance to meet with representatives from the city of Foshan and German businesses to find out more about opportunities for investment and collaboration in the city. A number of presentations shed light on the advantages presented by this city and its infrastructure, personnel development and administration, and also included a market analysis of foreign investors. Messer Group and Osram GmbH supported this event and described the experiences they have had in operating in Foshan.

Messer Group invests 170 million euros in production units

In the past year, the Frankfurt-based Messer Group, active in over 30 countries throughout Europe as well as in China and Peru, invested 10 million euros in an air separation unit in Foshan. “The government of Foshan provided considerable support in our collaboration with local companies”, reports Stefan Messer. “We plan to erect a second production unit for oxygen, nitrogen and argon in the Foshan industrial park.”

Messer Group is also considered a pioneer in investments throughout central China, including the provinces of Sichuan and Yunnan. In the past ten years, the industrial gas specialist has invested 170 million euros in China, primarily in large-scale production units. Messer supplies its customers in the iron and steel, metallurgy, electronics, chemical, food and automotive industries through its 15 regional companies.