Bad Soden, Germany,

Messer builds a further production base in Europe

New facility also produces ultrapure gases for the medical and foodstuffs industry for Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The Messer Group is continuing on its path of expansion: the largest owner-managed industrial gas manufacturer is investing 30 million euros in a production base in Central Europe. The air separation plant produces oxygen, nitrogen and argon for the Polish, Slovakian and Czech markets.

Like the Ruhr area of Germany, especially the south-west of Poland is the region's industrial heartland with primarily mining, machine building and steel manufacturing, as well as a chemical industry. However, in addition to liquid technical gases, medicinal oxygen for the ventilation of patients in hospitals or receiving home care will also be manufactured. The facility will also produce ultrapure nitrogen for use in the foodstuffs industry.

The production facility will be built and operated by plant constructor Cryogenic Engineering, a joint venture between Messer and the largest Chinese manufacturer of air separation plants, HangYang Ltd. The timescale for realizing the project is two years. The construction of the air separation plant will for the first time give Messer in Poland, where the second largest company in the Messer Group reached a turnover of approximately 50 million euros in 2006, an independent product supply for the largest industrial gases market in Central Europe.