Bad Soden, Germany,

Messer and Energoaqua increase supply reliability and reduce CO2 emissions

Messer has started up a nitrogen production unit for Energoaqua in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, Czech Republic. It benefits the environment by eliminating the need to deliver nitrogen by tank truck. Energoaqua is a service provider and supplier of electricity, heat and technical gases for companies in various industries in the adjoining industrial park. The largest customer for the inert gas is a semiconductor manufacturer.

On-site production reduces CO2 emissions

For about ten years now, Energoaqua has been operating an on-site nitrogen production unit installed by Messer. During that time, the demand in the industrial park has increased significantly. As a result, Messer has also been supplying liquid nitrogen and other industrial gases to Energoaqua for many years now. With the new on-site production unit, Energoaqua can produce the nitrogen independently and with high supply reliability. It also eliminates the CO2 emissions and traffic noise otherwise generated by the delivery of liquid nitrogen by tank truck.

“This is a good example of international cooperation and resource utilization. Our engineering department in Germany designed the unit and sourced the components. Messer in Hungary built the plant components used to condition the compressed air, and our team in the Czech Republic installed the nitrogen unit on the grounds of the Energoaqua, including piping and wiring,” remarked Ernst Bode, Member of the Management Board of Messer.