Bad Soden, Germany,

Messer and B. Braun launch mechatronics training in Vietnam

The industrial gas specialist Messer and the pharmaceutical and medical supplies company B. Braun have presented a joint training course for mechatronics engineers in Hanoi, Vietnam. The German companies underscored their commitment to vocational training in Vietnam by signing an memorandum of understanding with the Hung Yen University of Technology and Education (UTE HY) on March 18.

Based on the model of dual vocational education and training, the two companies, together with UTE HY, wish to establish a cooperative training system in the mechatronics sector which will incorporate phases of hands-on instruction. The practical insights provided and involvement in production are designed to enable the trainees to get to know how the industry functions and thus to prepare them for their future jobs. After they have successfully completed the training programme, the trainees have the opportunity of being taken on by the company.

Qualified specialists are in great demand in all companies in Vietnam. At present, the vocational training system in Vietnam cannot cover this demand. The Vietnamese government consequently wishes to gear vocational training more to the industrial requirements. This pilot project of Messer and B. Braun is intended to provide an example of practice-orientated training, and it is planned that further companies should also participate as partners.