Bad Soden, Germany,

Material-based shielding gases: Messer creates brands

EuroBLECH 2008 in Hanover - industrial gases specialist Messer shows that standardised branding ensures clarity and therefore quality and safety.

Messer will be showcasing its globally standardised material-based range of shielding and laser gases at the EuroBLECH trade fair in Hanover, Germany, from 21 to 25 October 2008. In Hall 13, Stand C 43, the largest privately managed industrial gases specialist will be providing information on its customer-friendly and safe range of gases for the user.

Internationally uniform standards for uncomplicated handling

“With five different product lines in our range, we have the right gas for every application and material group“, explains Bernd Hildebrandt, who is responsible for the Cutting and Welding division in the Messer Group. “Names such as Ferromix, Inoxmix and Alumix make it clear which material group the gas is intended for. This is designed to make it much easier for the user to choose the right gas, thus improving quality and safety. The range of gases is the same worldwide – a major advantage for customers with international operations.“ However, the product range is also targeted at German users, as the industrial gases specialist has once again been selling its products under the Messer name in Germany since May 2008.

Shielding gases for greater welding quality and efficiency

Ferromix is mainly suitable for plain and low-alloy steels, Inoxmix for high-alloy steels. Forming gas is used for root protection with high and, to some extent, low-alloy steels while Megalas includes the right shielding gas series for laser welding and soldering. Shielding gases allow welding quality and efficiency to be improved significantly. For example, Alumix is a special shielding gas series for aluminium welding which markedly increases process reliability and resistance to porosity and so reduces reworking to a minimum. Moreover, with Alumix the arc is considerably more stable and the weld pool flows better. The helium contained in Alumix further enhances welding performance for thicker sheet metal. The automotive and rail vehicle manufacturing industries in particular have recognised these advantages and are making ever greater use of it in their production processes.

Especially in the Ferromix product line, the trend towards shielding gases with a low active gas content continues. By carefully selecting the shielding gases for welding, it is even possible to limit the formation of dusts and harmful substances during the welding process.