Bad Soden, Germany,

Knowledge in the pocket

14 Messer apps provide comprehensive answers to questions relating to gases and applications. They have been downloaded over 39,000 times so far. About ten per cent of these users have used the “Welding Gases” app to find out which shielding gas meets their welding requirements. The “Welding Positions” app, too, has already been accessed well over ten thousand times for Android alone. This app helps you fi nd the correct position in accordance with DIN EN ISO 6947. The range of apps for welding experts is rounded off by the “Cylinder Valves” application. It provides users with quick access to country-specifi c information on the right valve for the cylinder gases they are using.

An overview of all the available apps can be found at Our app specialists are constantly developing new apps to expand the range and welcome suggestions from users. Gases for Life readers are welcome to contact the magazine’s editorial team with their suggestions.