Bad Soden, Germany,

HyGear signs a long-term Gas-as-a-Service contract for hydrogen with Messer in The Czech Republic

HyGear, a specialist in on-site hydrogen generation and supply, has entered into a new long-term partnership with Messer, the largest family-run industrial gases specialist worldwide. In the agreement, HyGear and Messer will jointly supply high purity hydrogen to two end-users concurrently. Global Tungsten & Powders spol. s r.o. (GTP) and OSRAM Česká republika s.r.o..

HyGear’s Hy.GEN technology offers significant benefits in costs and environmental impact when compared to trucked hydrogen. However, combining this technology with partially trucked hydrogen by Messer , gives the overall best alternative for the end- user, as the full utilization of its capacity reduces the overall investment and allows them to meet the to comply to fluctuating demands at the same time.

The contract is based on HyGear’s Gas-as-a-Service model, in which the company retains ownership of the systems and remains responsible for the operation and maintenance of the technology at the customer’s site. A model that has proven to work well for many industrial customers worldwide.

 “We are glad to become a long-term partner with Messer as one of the leading industrial gas suppliers. This contract demonstrates the attractiveness of our Gas-as-a-Service model and the additional benefits that can be achieved by teaming up with a world class industrial gas company like Messer. This is in line with our mission to decentralize hydrogen production globally,” comments Niels Lanser, HyGear’s Chief Commercial Officer.

“We are proud that, together with HyGear, we are able to offer a solution to our longstanding customers GTP and OSRAM solution. A solution , which combines delivery of hydrogen produced on-site and from tube trailers. Such a solution brings highest levels of flexibility and reliability of Hydrogen delivery to our customers,” stressed by Jaromir Köppl, Commercial Director of Messer Technogas, Czech Republic.

“The modular design of the on-site units and the easy scalability to future needs were key arguments for the decision for HyGear and Messer. Knowing that the back-up via trucks will be realized by our long-term partner for technical gases, Messer, was also a positive driver in the risk assessment for this project. The overall reduced number of trucks is also an important aspect for both, the environmental footprint and safety on the roads. In our economically demanding times, we are looking forward to continuing our cooperation with strong partners who are experts in their respective field of industry,” said Andreas Schön, Managing Director for Bruntál Operations of Global Tungsten & Powders, Czech Republic.