Bad Soden, Germany,

From cars to braces

Industrial gases specialist Messer presents gas applications at Schweissen & Schneiden trade fair

Industrial gases specialist Messer will use the Schweissen & Schneiden trade fair, which takes place in Essen from 16 to 21 September 2013, to give visitors a vivid impression of its normally invisible products in a series of practical demonstrations. “There are many things we rely on in everyday life which are welded,” says Bernd Hildebrandt, in charge of the Welding and Cutting division at Messer. “While industry specialists are our target audience, we also want to highlight the fact that gases play an important role in day-to-day life – from cars to braces.” The largest privately run industrial gases specialist will showcase its wide range of shielding gases for welding, allowing buyers of smaller quantities as well as large-scale customers to gain a quick and comprehensive overview of the products available. At the same time, Messer will take advantage of the opportunity to present its new MegaPack gas cylinder bundle.

This year Messer will focus on practical demonstrations such as MAG welding of plain steels and TIG welding of high-alloy steels on its stand. Application specialists will be on hand to explain how to achieve a clean, neat external weld appearance with very low spatter when MAG welding. This reduces weld rework – with the additional bonus of enhanced welding efficiency. Further demonstrations and exhibits will explain the application of forming gases.

This year sees a new arrival on the scene – the MegaPack gas cylinder bundle. Messer launched a completely redesigned gas cylinder bundle on the market in June, transforming a product that had not been changed in some 30 years of use in the gases industry. The cylinder bundle for the transportation and industrial use of Argon, Oxycut, Nitrocut or other industrial and medical gases was developed by Messer in collaboration with a product designer and a gas cylinder manufacturer.

From gas supply to hardware
At its stand, covering an area of approximately 1,000 square metres, Messer will once again be exhibiting jointly with its sister companies Messer Cutting Systems, Castolin Eutectic and MesserSoft as well as Jenoptik’s Lasers and Laser Machines division and Nutech’s Laser System Technology segment.