Bad Soden, Germany,

Easy-to-open fresh oysters

For many years, techniques for packaging live crustaceans using foodstuff gases have been employed for mussels and cockles. A new trend has now emerged on the French coast: Ready-to-go oysters. For lasting freshness, Jean-Michel Aimé at Clair’ Ostréa, an oyster breeding facility in Marennes Oléron, packages his oysters with Gourmet O70 from Messer France. His concept: Sales of easy-to-open oysters in small quantities via self-service counters at supermarkets. Registered for patenting, this technique involves grinding each shell on the side and sealing it with paraffin. The aim is to reach a broad customer base for whom the traditional packages of 24 oysters are too large or the shells are too difficult to open.