Krefeld, Germany,

Cryogenic transport refrigeration at METRO

Wholesaler Metro Cash & Carry has recently started cooling its refrigerated vehicles with the cryogenic cooling system developed by Messer and Olivo, which is particularly efficient thanks to the automated use of dry ice. Messer has fitted Metro’s existing 780-litre containers with a Siber dry ice compartment. Furthermore, the CO₂ filling station needed for dry ice production has also been installed at the delivery area of the wholesale market in Székesfehérvár, for which Messer is supplying the liquid carbon dioxide. After the first test run with 42 containers, the customer plans to switch to dry ice cooling at other sites as well. Metro operates 13 wholesale stores in Hungary, offering a wide range of groceries. The company supplies numerous hotels, restaurants and caterers directly. The refrigerated containers are used to keep frozen food at a constant temperature of minus 18 degrees Celsius while transporting it to these customers.