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Messer smartphone apps facilitate handling of gases

Smartphones, tablets and apps not only facilitate more mobile working; in many respects they also make it easier and less complicated. Messer therefore offers a number of apps which create tangible additional benefits when it comes to handling gases. Messer’s first Android app was developed and released in 2012. Now the Messer Group has eight apps in the Google Play Store. These include tools such as a converter which clearly presents the properties of the most important industrial and specialty gases and facilitates the conversion of units of volume and quantity.

Another app on the subject of welding gases offers users specific recommendations regarding the most suitable shielding gases for different materials and requirements. Anyone searching for a pressure regulator for a particular specialty gas will find it with the aid of the Specialty gases regulation app, which generates a list of suitable pressure regulators based on the data entered. In the last issue (page 5, Eco-efficient high speed computer) we already featured an app on the subject of wastewater neutralisation. It provides information on efficient and environmentally friendly processes using carbon dioxide (CO2).

Reordering via barcode scan
The “Easy Order” app, which is currently in an advanced test phase, will in future make it very easy to reorder cylinder gases by scanning the barcode: first you start the smartphone’s camera from the app and take a picture of the barcode on the existing gas cylinder. The app then takes you directly to the product page where you can order the required quantity. The technical and safety data for the products can also be retrieved there.

Web portal
An overview of all available apps can be found on the web portal It also provides information on technologies such as freezing with liquid nitrogen, cryogenic waste gas cleaning and cryogenic grinding techniques. Apps for other mobile operating systems such as Apple’s iOS or Microsoft Windows Phone are being developed. Once completed, the links will also be provided on this page.At, Messer provides a balloon shop via which customers in Austria can make online purchases of balloons and the necessary balloon gas for their next party. Messer in Switzerland is also using the website to provide a hardware shop for autogenous material. Besides pressure regulators and filler metals, customers in Switzerland can also order cylinder trailers or protective clothing. Customers in every country who still receive their invoices by post can also register for electronic invoicing here.

Laboratory portal myLab
Messer provides the myLab portal for registered users for the purpose of managing process and calibration gases. Here they can access comprehensive information regarding the products bought so far and retrieve the specifications and safety data sheets for standard products as well as the certificates for individual gas mixtures. The portal also provides information on the period of stability of calibration gases and offers the possibility of quick reordering.