Bad Soden, Germany,

Award of the 15th Hans Messer Prize

On 7 February, the Frankfurt Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) awarded the Hans Messer Prize 2011 to two graduates of the Frankfurt am Main University of Applied Sciences (FH FFM). They received this prize in recognition of their excellent student research projects and exam results. “With this prize the IHK wishes to further recess the good contacts and cooperation between the University of Applied Sciences and industry,” explained Dr. Mathias Müller, President of the IHK Frankfurt am Main, in his address. The award comes with EUR 3,000 prize money.

Maya Bach, formerly Maija Bachschiewa, who obtained her Bachelor degree in business administration, received an award. She completed her thesis “Current Development of the Trade in Subscription Rights: Potential and Limits” in the Economy and Law Faculty of the University of Applied Sciences Frankfurt with the top grade of 1.0 and her course with an overall grade of 1.77. Daniel Radouan, who obtained a Masters degree in the IT and Engineering Faculty, was awarded the prize for his thesis on “Component Integration and Qualification of Acceleration Sensors” , obtaining the top grade of 1.0. He completed his Masters degree in “Production and Automotive Technology” with an overall grade of 1.5.

The prize is awarded each year in honour of the long-standing IHK President Dr. Hans Messer. The award ceremony took place in the context of the 15th Hans Messer Lecture. The celebratory lecture was delivered by Professor Dr. Klaus Ring, President of the Polytechnische Gesellschaft (Polytechnic Association): “Natural Science and Technology – An Evil or a Social Necessity?”.