Bad Soden, Germany,

„A century of improvement“

Symposium and exhibition of the European Industrial Gases Association in Brussels provide deep insight into the “invisible industry”

On 30 and 31 January, 2013, the European Industrial Gases Association (EIGA) will celebrate its 90th anniversary by staging the symposium “Safety and the Environment in the Gases Industry - a Century of Improvement” in Brussels. The “invisible industry” will open its doors not just for association members, but also to the media, public authorities and organisations, as well as to customers and suppliers of the industrial gases sector. Some 250 visitors are expected. In 27 presentations, such as "Hydrogen – From the Zeppelin to vehicles of the future”, “Acetylene – From street lamps to flat screens” and “Electronic gases – From coal to photovoltaics”, specialists will describe the application areas of gases and the developments in gas technologies for the sustainable protection of the climate and environment. The association’s activities also focus on continuous improvements in safety when handling atmospheric gases such as oxygen, nitrogen and argon, as well as carbon dioxide and helium. Leading experts will also issue interview statements to provide a surprising view of the future of an industry whose products are as important in almost all production processes as water and electricity.The industry will show off developments from the past to the future in a “state-of-the-air” exhibition as part of the symposium. This will enable visitors to experience gas production, environmental protection, safety, the history of the European Industrial Gases Association and application areas for gases.

Registration: You can still register at the dedicated “EIGA Symposium 2013” section of the EIGA website ( Further details of the programme can also be found here.